Lean group is the place to start
a Great dream
forGreat people

blue line

Lean Group is a multidisciplinary investment and development group based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Starting off as Cenrea Group, which focused on brokerage consulting and office buildings management in Vietnam, the company officially renamed and operated as Lean Group from 01/08/2010.

Lean Group is where the great dream starts for great people
Where great dream empowers great people.
Where great dream empowers exceptional people.

● Becoming the leading multidisciplinary economic group in Vietnam and expanding to global market.
● Creating practical as well as spiritual values.
● Applying modern technology to business operation and management to create sustainable values for the corporation.

● Cooperating to build a new world
● Accomplishing the desire of settling and thriving.

Lean Group and Value


Core Value
Build 5 values for sustainable orientation.

Company Culture
Build a unique corporate culture.

Sustainable strategy
The most sustainable strategy is the Sustainable strategy.